Thursday, 13 October 2011

art2264 photo shoot at Morisset PCYC!

We’re looking forward to the launch of art2264 @ Morisset PCYC and today, to promote the event, we hosted a hip hop photo shoot. A great posse of local dancers turned up, led by Ashlee, a dance tutor from the Deborah Lee Dance Academy. As a photographer from The Lakes Mail and The Newcastle Herald snapped away, we’re pleased to announce that all of our crew were thoroughly professional, doing some amazing dance moves and striking poses that would make even a yoga Jedi weep with envy. 

Thanks to everyone who came along, particularly Deborah Lee and Ashlee and their students, many of whom arrived in costume and stage make up. This is doubly impressive given that they managed all this within half an hour of the end of school! We are officially in awe of the helicopter move and have been practicing it on the kitchen floor (works on linoleum, just plain dangerous on tile). 

Also great respect to those who came direct from school, wearing their uniforms, and still managed to have a good time.  

Finally, we’d like to thank the Mums, who delivered everyone to the venue and got everyone home again safe and sound. We’d like to celebrate your undervalued role as semi-professional taxi drivers: we know that if you guys ever stop doing what you’re doing, the whole world would stop!

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